Church of St. Cyril and St. Methodius in Sarajevo keeps a Part of Cross upon which Jesus was crucified for more than 100 years

Church of St. Cyril and Methodius in Sarajevo exists for 122 years within the theological seminary of Vrhbosna. It is specific, and it exterior looks like Church of St. Peter in Vatican, while its interior represents a “combination of East and West”, i.e. Catholicism and Orthodox.

Based on artistic works that are older more than hundred years, and some of them even much more, it belongs to one of the richest temples. It is fascinating that it possesses two relics of the sacred cross, one of which they have lent to a church in Zepce.

“Archbishop Josip Stadler brought them from the Holy Land back in 1900 and there is an inscription on one of them: ’40 day of forgiveness in front of this cross if you pray paternoster, Hail Mary and belief for BiH’. That is the original part of cross upon which Jesus Christ was crucified, and there is a certificate that testifies that”, said Josip Knezevic.

Seminary was founded back in 1890 in Travnik where the seminary and gymnasium led by Jesuits were located. Archbishop Josip Stadler started construction of the building of Seminary and Church of St. Cyril and St. Methodius back in 1892, and professors and seminarians moved to one part of it a year later. The process of construction was completed back in 1895, and it started working a year after that.

“We are the only people to have the Holy Mass in the national language, since mass was only allowed in biblical languages – Latin, Greek and Hebrew, until 1965. We were the only exception,” he noted.

“Altars are original and Cyril and Methodius, Jesuits and Saint Joseph, who was protector of Croatian people, are shown on them. There are altars of the Heart of Jesus and Heart of Mary. We had a beautiful stained glass that was showing the holy trinity that was damaged on January 6, 1994, when the church was bombarded,” noted Knezevic.

Grids along the church is the interesting part of the church that many people ask about. As rector Knezevic said, Josip Vancas was thinking about how to heat the church so many years ago, and he decided to place grids under the church. Hot water would be poured in them and the space was heated while the water was evaporating.

“This church is unique and many colleague priests say how they consider it as the most beautiful church in BiH. The problem is that we need a lot of money for its reconstruction, and if we manage to find it, we will need many permits since it was declared as the protected national monument in 2011,” said Knezevic.

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