Christmas Reception hosted by Representatives of Croatian People in BiH

Christmas is a time of spiritual purification and renewal based on universal human values, which are the paradigm of advanced civilized relations, and as such they belong to everyone, said the President of the Croat Democratic Union of BiH and the Croat People’s Assembly Dragan Čović last evening at the Christmas reception hosted by the representatives of the Croat people in the BiH institutions in Sarajevo.

He pointed out that every Christmas, including this one “is a new opportunity for all of us who share the same living space; to re-examine ourselves, our intentions and actions, relationships with each other and to our surroundings”.

He added that this is especially important for “our homeland of Bosnia and Herzegovina, a country blessed with diversity and all the peculiarities that accompany that diversity, which many are not yet ready to fully embrace.”

“The new year that ahead brings a new opportunity,  and Christmas gives us hope and strength to renew those values that are necessary to establish a dialogue, restore confidence and start building our common homeland,” said Čović in his address at the Christmas reception.

The reception at the BiH institutions was attended by numerous guests from political, public, cultural, religious life, representatives of the diplomatic corps and the international community in BiH, Federal News Agency reported.


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