Chinese want to invest in Tuzla Airport

Due to a large success recorded by the International Airport of Tuzla, representatives of the China State Construction Engineering Corporation (CSEC) are interested in an important multi-million BAM worth investment at this airport.

The Chinese investment should be focused on the construction of a modern cargo center, several farms, and halal slaughterhouse in the vicinity of the airport.

“We are interested in the market of BiH when it comes to construction and investment. We are very interested in projects in Tuzla Canton, and the project of the airport is very specific. This is about further development of the airport, the cargo center, as well as a larger number of airlines. Our goal is to connect this city with other destinations in the world, as well as other airlines in the Middle East, Asia…” said representative of the China State Construction Engineering Corporation,  Zuo Bin.

In the Chinese plan was also noted the possibility for establishment of flights Tuzla – China.

The International Airport Tuzla served 535,000 passengers last year, and this number is expected to increase to 670,000 people this year.

This international airport was used by a total of 372,000 people from the beginning of the year until today, and there were 54,000 people only in July.

“We are hoping to exceed the annual plan by 15 to 20 %, and we are in the process of negotiations with our strategic airline Wizz Air. We are discussing the increase in the number of operations and the introduction of another airplane,” said Karasalihovic.

Works on the expansion and reconstruction of the passenger terminal are taking place at the moment, and they should be completed by the end of September.

The construction of an atrium that the International Airport Tuzla did not have so far will follow after this project.

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