Chinese Pavillion opened in the biggest Park in Sarajevo


A Chinese pavilion was inaugurated Friday at Safet Zajko park in Sarajevo, the capital of Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH).

The pavilion, named “Friendship Pavilion”, was built by the Urban Landscaping Service Center of Tianjin, a sister city of the BiH capital.

Established sister city ties in 1981, the two cities agreed this year to build each other’s landmark buildings to commemorate the nearly 40 years of friendly relations.

Speaking at the opening ceremony, Dragana Solakovic, assistant of Sarajevo mayor, expressed thanks to the Chinese city for building such a precious and beautiful gift to Sarajevo, which she says will be a witness of the friendship between the people of the two cities.

At the ceremony, the city of Sarajevo also unveiled a proposal for the construction of a traditional Bosnian drinking fountain in Tianjin next year, Xinhua news agency reports.


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