Chinese New Year celebration in BiH offers chance to meet Chinese culture

January 20, 2018 8:00 PM

With the performance of Nuo Emotion, Beijing Dance Academy wished “Happy Chinese New Year” bringing Chinese culture closer to residents of Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH) on Saturday evening here.

The audience in the full National Theatre hall in the BiH’s capital Sarajevo witnessed “Nuo” as a harmony driving the evil spirits and diseases out, and as a mysterious journey through which dancers lead them.

“This night was spectacular, mixture of colours, textures, dancers putting their masks and taking them off, it was like a mysterious journey,” Alen Trako, a doctor who visited Beijing in 2008 said.

Trako has attended the annual celebration for two years here and believes that traditional dances, especially the ones in which the audience feels themselves as being a part of the performance, are the best for knowing the Chinese culture better.

The performance starts when the dancer walks slowly toward the center of the stage, starts chanting while the dancers behind him do the same presenting the unity of heaven and man. When Nuo puts the mask on, he is a God, when he takes it off, he is a man, Nuo mask is the doors that lead to the unknown world.

“Even though I was in China only once, it was during the Chinese New Year and I remember the city being colourful as it was during this performance on Saturday night here. I wish that celebration of the upcoming Chinese Lunar New Year of the Dog be successful,” Trako added with a smile.

January last year brings nice memories to Anila Gajevic, a BiH woman that recorded a movie “Rescue” in Beijing in January 2017.

“Last lunar year was the Year of Rooster and I celebrated it with my friends in Beijing, but this year I am in Sarajevo and I can say that I liked the dance with masks more,” Gajevic said.

When dancers put masks on their faces, they become the incarnation of Gods gaining magical powers by which they can communicate with gods, showing them admiration, well-being and happiness.

The year 2018 marks Chinese “Wu Xu Year,” the Year of the Dog. The upcoming Year of the Dog begins on Feb. 16, 2018.

(Source: ST)


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