Chinese in BiH launch Donations for Chinese Businesses hit by Fire

Chinese businesswoman Lou Tonghua is unlucky, as her shop in a market in northeastern Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH) suffered two fires in three years, but she is lucky with the timely help from her compatriots.

“The fire burned my life. In my most helpless time, the compatriots gave the timely help. I have no reason to despair now,” Lou told Xinhua in a call interview on Sunday, two weeks after her shop wast burnt down in a major fire on April 14.

The fire broke out in the Arizona wholesale market in Gradacac, northeastern BiH, burning down about 500 stores, including nine Chinese stores. Each Chinese store is estimated to have suffered losses of at least 150,000 U.S. dollars.

To help the suffered Chinese businesspersons, a donation campaign was initiated by China Association for the Promotion of Peaceful Reunification of BiH, China Association for the Exchange of Film and Television Media and Culture from Eastern Europe and Great Wall Hotel.

The campaign received donations of more than 50,000 KM (nearly 25,000 euros), which is far from enough to make up for the losses of the Chinese businessmen, but serves as an emergency help to the suffered.

Chinese community is not big in BiH with only about 400 Chinese living and working there.

At present, the hit Chinese businesspersons are actively negotiating with the local market management to get their legitimate rights and interests.

The Chinese Embassy to BiH sent officials to the scene on the day of the fire and presented condolence payments to the Chinese businessmen.

There was a fire at the Arizona market in January 2016 that destroyed more than 500 stores.

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