Children’s film “The myth of B&H“ in the program of the 19th Sarajevo Film Festival

mit-o-bihFirst B&H documentary featured children’s film “The Myth of Bosnia and Herzegovina”, whose writers are participants of “Children’s Workshop Creativity and Imagination” Mali Magacin Kabare will be screened at this year’s Sarajevo Film Festival (SFF).

The film had its premiere in mid-June, and will be screened at the Sarajevo Film Festival on 18th August under the program of B&H films, and on 24th August under the children’s program TeenAction Short Film.

Thirty participants of “Mali Magacin Kabare” during one cycle of “Children’s Workshop creativity and imagination,” were divided into two groups and they have prepared two films, “The Myth of Bosnia and Herzegovina.”

Every child in the production of the project had a specific role as an actor, producer, writer, dancer, costume designer or director.

Under the supervision of educators, the actress Zana Marjanović and Sanela Krsmanović, director / screenwriter Saša Peševski and Costume designer Adisa Vatreš, participants of Mali Magacin Kabare in the context of workshop of creativity and imagination have been working on developing the knowledge and skills necessary for the realization of the film documentary, The myth of B&H.

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