“Ill Children should be treated from the Budget, and Politicians should be paid by SMS Messages”

Numerous citizens of Tuzla joined the action aimed at improvement of treatment of children who are severely ill. The aim of the action is to change the system of treatment of children from cantonal, federal and state budgets, rather than by raising money through humanitarian action.

The Informal group of residents of Tuzla launched the action “Children should be treated from the budget, and politicians should be paid by SMS messages, and who pays – pays” with the aim of changing the financing model for treatment of severely ill children.

“We are extremely pleased with the responses of the citizens who show how they are dissatisfied with the work of our politicians. The main goal of this informal group is to provide financial resources for the treatment of the most vulnerable children from the budget, for the ones who cannot be cured by means of the health insurance system,” Indira Bektic-Mujkic, one of the initiators, told Klix.ba news portal.

As stated, it is necessary to make changes in the legal framework in our country in the part of the co-financing.

Among the numerous citizens who gathered today, Mirsada Hadzic-Todorovic arrived at the Square of Freedom, and supported the petition.

“I have signed Petition today because our children need to be treated from the budget, politicians cannot be in the first place, they need to reduce their wages, annual leave, telephone, secretary, bodyguards … we need to be in the first place, it must be ours that is the most important, “Hadzic-Todorovic said.

The petition will be forwarded primarily to the Tuzla City Council. Also, the organizers emphasized that the expansion of this action was planned for other cities in the Tuzla Canton as well as in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

(Source: klix, photo tuzlalive)

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