Children and Parents From Konjević-Polje Appeal to the European Court of Human Rights

Parlament-djeca-Konjevic-poljeChildren and parents from Konjević-Polje launched a procedure yesterday before the European Court of Human Rights in Strasbourg.

Their representatives requested the Strasbourg Court to determine violation of rights on effective court protection, right to education in mother tongue and right to discrimination ban in relation to right to education in mother tongue.

The press release says that representatives of children and parents decided to take this step because the judicial system in BiH cannot provide adequate protection to these citizens of BiH when it comes to their elementary rights, nor the international community in BiH.

They reminded that children and parents have had three procedures before basic courts in Srebrenica and Banja Luka for the past year and before the Constitutional Court of BiH, and no court has scheduled one hearing related to these cases, nor did they discuss request on temporary measures.

They emphasized that case of “Konjević-Polje” is an excellent example of violation of all

elementary standards of rule of law and that in such situation children and parents lost hope in independent and impartial courts, aware that there is no judicial authority for their case that is able to resist the political pressure of institutional and non-institutional centers of power and solve the problems in accordance with constitutional and international standards.

Domestic and foreign attorneys worked on the appeal, such as Nedim Ademović from Sarajevo and expert for collective rights Joseph Mark from Graz, Nedim Ademović’s Office said in a press release.


(Source: Fena)

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