Children in BiH learned Chinese Arts ahead of the Chinese New Year

February 17, 2019 9:00 AM

Children living in Banja Luka, a city located 190 kilometers northwest of Bosnia and Herzegovina’s (BiH’s) capital Sarajevo, had the opportunity to learn more about the art of paper cutting and Kung Fu on Saturday.

The workshops were organized by the Confucius Institute and the Museum of Republika Srpska on the occasion of marking the Chinese New Year, aiming to present the skills that children in China possess, local media reported Saturday.

Director of Confucius Institute in Banja Luka Ljiljana Stevic explained that the art of paper cutting is an ancient Chinese skill that represents the cultural values of the Chinese nation, specially practiced for its symbolism in February.

Children had the opportunity to write congratulatory messages for the Chinese New Year and to greet the best wishes in Chinese language.

They learned on how the cutting paper is another ancient skill of creating images and decorations that originated in China during the Han Dynasty, and that cut pictures would be placed on windows and doors of the houses to protect them from evil.

According to belief, decorations bring happiness, prosperity and wealth, which is why the paper decorations are made with the most beautiful wishes and are put in homes.

Children learned that it is advised to practice more during the first day of Chinese New Year, and professor from Confucius Institute showed them new Kung Fu moves.

“Kung Fu is the skill, which is generated by the desire for enlightenment, by the aspiration to the excellent movement,” said the museum spokesperson Ana Bratasevec.

Bratesevac explained to children that Chinese paper cutting is nurtured as a traditional skill inspired by the adoration of ancestors and gods. Creating something excellent means creating it with patience and dedication, with a clear focus on a perfect cut, a perfect line.


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