Children are happy to come to the Library and bring Home a Book

The PI Library of Sarajevo is recording an increasing number of visits, and they organize numerous events, interactive workshops, classes for younger, as well as senior citizens, in order to attract new and keep existing users.

Considering that the Sarajevo Library can “praise” with a large number of visits, from this institution stated that they often renew the library fund in order to enable their readers to find some of the latest book titles on their shelves. They added that both younger and older generations read and they choose publications in accordance with their affinities and needs.

There are 16 departments within the library, ten reading rooms, among which are two special ones, an American corner and a German reading room. Two comic-book corners have been opened as well, and the comic-book art is reviewed through special workshop where some of the greatest authors are working in media silence. Employee of the PI Library of Sarajevo, Amela Djelilovic-Malesevic noted that the most important thing for the citizens is to feel comfortable in the library and that is the reason why they are constantly working on its modernization and new contents.

The online bibliographic system COBISS 3 was introduced into all departments last year, which is making the work of their employees a lot easier. They have the largest number of licensed librarians in the region, and according to Malesevic, they are not only renters of books, but they represent a certain kind of “navigators” who shape the taste of their readers and increase their standards.

Malesevic also noted that she is especially happy with the fact that children are happy to visit the library, they take a picture book home every day, or a book of their choice or they listen to the recommendation of their librarians, friends or parents. With the aim to bring the importance of books closer to the youngest ones, this year they started the project “Winter Holidays in the Library” and it lasted until the end of January.

The annual membership is 15 BAM, for a German reader room 20 BAM, and it is free of charge in the American corner in Radiceva Street. Malesevic noted that they earned a total of 110,000 BAM from the membership fees last year.

“This is a proof of our efforts to increase our extra-budgetary income, although libraries are not commercial institutions, and they should not be, but real” gates of knowledge,” concluded Malesevic.

(Source: A. B./Klix.ba)



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