Children from Konjević Polje Will Be Enrolled in Elementary School in Sarajevo

djeca_konjevicMore than 100 children from Konjević Polje will be enrolled today in the elementary school ‘Vladislav Skarić’ on Skenderija in Sarajevo, confirmed the representative of the parents of the children Muhizin Omerović to Fena Agency.

This is the result of today’s meeting of parents with representative of the Ministry of Education and Science in Canton Sarajevo.

‘’We do not have any other alternative for now because we cannot allow our children, even if individuals wanted it, to lose another year. And for everyone whose mouth is full of B&H, but do nothing on this issue, they should be ashamed of themselves’’, said Omerović.

He added that the union of primary education of Canton Sarajevo offered its assistance in finding a solution for the children.

‘’They offered to send teachers to Konjević Polje who are waiting for employment, and the FB&H Ministry of Education and Science promised financial assistance in the realization of this proposal. But, we still have to see whether this will be done’’, explained Omerović.

Parents and children are still in front of the OHR demanding that their rights be recognized.

(Source: klix.ba)

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