Children from BiH wrote a Letter to Federica Mogherini

Federica Mogherini faktor.baChildren from the Association “Children – Pillars of the World” sent a letter to the High Representative for Foreign and Security Policy Federica Mogherini before her arrival in BiH and asked her support in creating an environment in which children will have a wonderful future and become the pillars on which the humanity can rely on.

“Only such we can be the key to stability in the EU, the children who will today and tomorrow, create conditions of life in the EU, and will be fighting for a man in a human being, which will be the most difficult and complex struggle of the 21st century” is announced from the Association.

They are asking Mogherini for the letter of encouragement which will be read in every school, but also on the third international congress “Children – Pillars of the World”, which will be held in the summer on the theme “Ethics in the philosophy of life – the struggle for human being” and sub-topic “Ethics in business – stop corruption”.

They emphasize that Sonja Mosser (while being an envoy to the Council of Europe in BiH) signed the Charter as a honorary president of the Association of “Children Pillars of the world” and their honorary members and signatories of the Charter wereacademics Bozidar Matic, Muhamed Filipovic and Ljubomir Berberovic.

(Source: faktor)

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