Children from BiH and Migrants recorded a Video pointing on the Need for Happy Childhood

The Music Youth of Bihac has launched the project “Sounds of Migration”, whose aim is to bring together between children and young migrants and their peers from the Una-Sana Canton.

The result of the music workshops “Sound of Migration” will be an album featuring ten joint songs, three video clips and a concert that will small children give as a present to citizens of Bihac.

Recently, the recording of the first video spot for the song “Children of the World” was finished. The author of the music and text is Adnan Busuladzic. Participants are the pupils of the Bihac School of Music, participants of the drama “Mali Princ”, children from Afghanistan and Iran who are currently staying in reception the Sedra Center and the musicians from the Haman jazz band.

The video sends a message that all children in the world deserve a happy childhood.

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