Chief Prosecutor received a Delegation of the First Children’s Embassy


The Chief Prosecutor, Gordana Tadić, and her associates received a delegation of the First Children’s Embassy, “Međaši”, headed by the youngest children’s ambassador, Mišel Mišković.

During the visit, Children’s Ambassador Mišel Mišković presented a project of the Children’s Embassy, which aims to promote children’s rights and help the youngest members of society in BiH and the world.

The Chief Prosecutor supported the project and emphasised that in its work and within its competencies the Prosecutor’s Office of Bosnia and Herzegovina pays special attention to the injured parties, especially children.

The Ambassador thanked for the expressed support of the Chief Prosecutor and gave a gift to the Prosecutor’s Office of BiH, a symbol of the children’s chair, and on this occasion invited the Chief Prosecutor to visit the Children’s Embassy “Međaši” in Bijeljina.


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