Chemical Engineer from BiH created a revolutionary Water Purifier that can save the World

“The very essence of life is water, and more than 99.7 % of water is polluted! Clean drinking water makes much less then 1 %. Everything else is mostly polluted. We are drinking water with suspicious quality! We are forced to purify it with different methods. Depending on the type of the method, some people drink a little cleaner, some more dirty water, but they are all of the same or similar quality,” stated the professor and chemical engineer from Tuzla, Sabit Begic.

What kind of water we drink? How alarming is the situation in BiH?

We hear a lot of talks about the abundance of water in our area, but it is not exactly the truth. We have an average, but the water is not evenly distributed. Therefore, the northern part of BiH is behind the southern part with far less rainy days. Canton Tuzla is especially endangered. We do not have many rainy days.

The most abundant in water is the basin of Neretva River. The area with the smallest number of population has the most water. Therefore, Neretva River is the richest in water, and Bosna is the poorest, since it has many citizens and a few rainy days.

What kind of water can be purified with your invention? Can we, for example, take the water from Miljacka River? Will it become clean as well?

Of course. There are two completely different chemicals in it. Two drops of these chemicals are added into the sample, and they simply destroy all those pathogenic microorganisms, and therefore, water is completely good for drinking when it comes to microorganisms. There is a filtering material as well, and it is responsible for everything that is mechanical, and its role is to absorb all of that. Therefore, there is no more harmful particles after that absorption.

How long have you been working on this project, and have you tested it already? What kind of results you obtained?

Well, I worked a lot on it for about 15 years, because I made certain changes on it. I changed the chemicals. I wanted to achieve good results  for a cheaper price and as efficient as possible. The results from the field are favourable. I received a certificate of validity from the Public Health Institute of Tuzla, where I examined the patent. However, its production is limited. I do not have automatic machines, and I have to work with semi-automatic machines, which cannot give me as many pieces as I need. That is the reason why I am trying to find someone to be my partner and start a new technology that will offer greater contribution and greater cost-effectiveness.

(Source: faktor.ba)


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