Cheaper Fuel at Gas Stations in B&H soon?

fuelAfter a new fall in prices of crude oil on the world market, the drivers in B&H have good reason to be satisfied since local suppliers of petroleum products have also announced price cuts. These cuts will not be great, but they will please the population which is already struggling with financial problems.

Drago Đukić, Chairman of the Group for oil and petroleum products in the RS Chamber of Commerce, points out that, taking into account the movement of oil prices in the world and the exchange rate of US dollar, it is possible to expect slight corrections in the price of fuel in the next week.

“How much and to what extent, will depend on each particular supplier, in accordance with their business policy,” said Đukić.

Gas stations in FB&H also began to announce the falling price of petroleum products.

The Federal Ministry of Trade confirmed that they got about 50 announcements in the past few days, from local gas stations announcing “cutting” of prices.

“Price cuts refer to diesel and petrol 95, and according to announcements, it will move about five fenings (cents) per liter”, as announced from the Federal Ministry of Trade, on Friday.

(Source: ekapija.ba)



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