Charge For Entrance to Vrelo Bosne Began

vrelo bosneOn Sunday a charge for entrance to Vrelo Bosne began, a well-known spring of the River Bosna located in Sarajevo.

“For children under six years of age, local population from water protection zones, scientific and technical institutions and nonprofit organizations that deal with the environment, entrance is free. Children over six years, high school students, other students and retirees would pay one KM, organized groups one KM and a half, and for individuals it is two KM’’, said for klix.ba the Director of Canton Sarajevo’s Protected Natural Resources Osman Delić.

He added that the money from the tickets will be used for better maintenance of the area, the establishment of new facilities for children and adults, rehabilitation of the area and construction of paths for horses.

“According to our information, last year Vrelo Bosne was visited by 180.000 people. This year, we expect more visits, given that during the last period there is a greater interest of tourists who come in organized visits. Thus, we have more than 10 buses a day for tourists. In the last two days, on Sunday and Monday, when the entrance fees began, Vrelo Bosne was visited by 3.000 people’’, said Delić.

When asked whether the spring water is drinkable, Delić said that it is not. “Just like anywhere where there is an open source it is advised to not drink the water, the same goes for Vrelo Bosne. There is no bacteria E. Coli in the water for over a year already, ever since a collector on Mount Igman was repaired, but there is still a highly contagious bacteria streptococcus present. We have water fountains on Vrelo Bosne that are connected to the supply network, and that water is drinkable’’, said Delić.

(Source: klix.ba)

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