Changing Diabetes: Sarajevo City Hall and Old Bridge in Mostar colored in blue

Sarajevo City Hall and the Old Bridge in Mostar are lightened up yesterday night with blue color, which is international symbol of diabetes, with the aim of raising awareness of that disease. On these buildings it is written “Changing diabetes”.

Diabetes is in constant growth in the whole world, and it is growing problem of all age groups, so it can be said that it is pandemic disease.

According to estimations of International Diabetes Federation, in 2016. around 415 million people have diabetes (1 of 11 adults).

In BiH there is no specific register of people with diabetes, but it is assumed that around 336.000 citizens have diabetes, while half of them, around 157.000 people are not even aware that they have this disease.

With the aim of disease prevention, within the project “I choose health” which is implemented by Association for society development “Kap” in the cooperation with health institutions from 16 cities all around BiH, today is organized diabetes testing for citizens in the following health institutions: General Hospital “Prim.dr. Abdulah Nakas”, Sarajevo, Community health centers: Drvar, Ljubuski, Zivinice, Kladanj, Dom zdravlja Travnik, Domovi zdravlja Sarajevo, Dom zdravlja Kresevo, Cazin, Bihac, Zavidovici, Sokolac, Kakanj, Tesanj, Zenica, Konjic, Fojnica.

Lightning of institutions is organized by pharmaceutical company Novo Nordisk Pharma.

(Source: Klix.ba, photo direkt.ba)

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