Chancellor Merkel sends Important Message to BiH’s Authorities

The Western Balkan countries are our European neighbors and have a European perspective, German Chancellor Angela Merkel said on the occasion of the upcoming summit on this region under the Berlin Process, to be held in Poznan, Poland.

Merkel said in a video message that it was necessary for the European perspective to reach the country’s region with many tensions.

“The road is still full of rocks,” the German chancellor said.

A conference on the Western Balkans will be held in Poznan on Friday, July 5, where Merkel will participate, whose initiative is the 2014 Berlin Process, with the aim of furthering dialogue and cooperation opportunities among the countries of the region.

There are positive examples of dialogue in the region, the German Chancellor said in a statement, particularly pointing out the long-standing dispute over the name of North Macedonia.

“Political courage, both North Macedonia Prime Minister Zoran Zaev and Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras, went hand in hand to settle this conflict,” Merkel said.

She said that this positive example should be encouraged to solve the problems in Bosnia and Herzegovina and “between Serbia and Kosovo”, News Agency Patria reports.

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