Chairman Zvizdic sent a Message regarding the Canceled Session of the Council of Ministers

57cd5d86-4578-4ac6-9ca5-1ecc0a0a0a64-zvizdic-718x446On the occasion of cancellation of the regular session of the Council of Ministers of BiH, Chairman Denis Zvizdic said that despite the heated political atmosphere, ministers will try to be the “voice of common sense”.

“At the meeting of the Collegium of the Council of Ministers of BiH, which was attended by deputy ministers Sarovic and Bevanda, we decided together that instead of a regular, we will hold a telephone session of the Council of Ministers, at which were discussed and adopted materials that are tied to clearly defined deadlines, while the next regular session will be held next week,” said Zvizdic.

He added that it is important to emphasize that ministers as the Council of Ministers of BiH will try to be the voice of common sense in the current heated atmosphere, because the work of the Council of Ministers of BiH depends on the work of a number of institutions and the implementation of numerous projects that are important for all citizens of BiH.

“When it comes to the current internal relations in BiH, I am calling on lowering tensions and appropriate rhetoric, because competition in who will give a more radical statement will certainly not lead us to a solution. The solution is in the institutional dialogue, respect for the Constitution Law and the continuity of the applicable legislation, as well as the continuation of the projects and reforms that lead to the European Union, strengthening our economy and creating new workplaces,” said Zvizdic.

When it comes to regional cooperation, the Council of Ministers of BiH will continue to cooperate with the Serbian government because we are next-door neighbors and we are focused on each other, as said in the statement.

“I expect Prime Minister Vucic, as the rational and wise person, to send a message of the same or similar content after meeting with representatives of state institutions and institutions of the entity of RS, which is scheduled for tomorrow. Continued cooperation, improvement of overall relations, calming of passion and peace and stability in the region have no alternative,” concluded Zvizdic.

(Source: klix.ba)

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