Chairman of Presidency of Bosnia-Herzegovina Zeljko Komsic attended Meeting in Brussels


Chairman of Presidency of Bosnia-Herzegovina Zeljko Komsic attended an informal meeting and dinner on Sunday with European Union and Western Balkans leaders in Brussels.

The officials reaffirmed the unequivocal support and commitment of the European Union leadership to the Western Balkans region and announced that the European Union will strengthen its support for political, economic and social change in the region. They reiterated that the goal is a strong, stable and united Europe.

During the meeting, they discussed a new accession methodology for the Western Balkan countries and the opening of negotiations with the Republic of North Macedonia and the Republic of Albania.

Komsic commented in a statement for N1 that as far as Bosnia-Herzegovina and its status is concerned, the most important matter for us is the Opinion of the European Commission, namely 14 recommendations and conclusions, which is the essence of what BiH needs.

“I used this opportunity to ask senior officials to say if that is the case, and I sign every single word in the conclusions and recommendations of the EC Opinion, then please hold on to that, do not have double standards like we used to have in the past. If these 14 recommendations and conclusions are what you expect from BiH, interpret them as they are written. It is not a simple task for BiH, but it is useful and it will lead to improvement within BiH. If we are talking about the fight against corruption, the rule of law, do not have double standards. Especially in the new methodology, these should be the first things discussed. Let this be true reform,” Komsic commented.


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