Chairman of Council of Ministers reveals when they will discuss the New Convocation of CoM


Newly appointed Chairman of Bosnia-Herzegovina’s Council of Ministers Zoran Tegeltija stated that the confirmation of the BiH Council of Ministers depends on the Central Election Commission (CEC) and SIPA, and if they complete the process of checking of the candidates for the post of ministers or deputy ministers within a few days, there is a real chance that BiH Parliamentary Assembly (BiH PA) discusses new convocation of the Council of Ministers of BiH on December 23.

He pointed out that he had sent to the CEC and SIPA the names of nine persons nominated for the post of ministers, and that all political parties comprising the Council of Ministers have submitted the exact number of candidates as envisaged by the agreement.

“Three proposals came from the Bosniak part and they were sent for screening but we have not received the confirmation yet, while the Croatian and Serbian candidates have been confirmed by the CEC and SIPA,” said Tegeltija.


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