Chairman of BIH Presidency Received Ambassadors Knotz and Thein

radmanovicChairman of BiH Presidency Nebojša Radmanović received yesterday the Ambassador of Germany to BIH Ulrike Knotz and the non-residential Ambassador of Luxembourg to BiH Sandra Thein.

Radmanović and Knotz spoke of the current political situation in BiH, as well as the visit of the Croatian President Ivo Josipović to BiH.

Knotz expressed interest for the visit of President Josipović to BiH in the context of the recent Croatian accession to the EU, as well as the expectations of BiH from its neighboring country and its membership to the EU.

Radmanović spoke to Knotz about the discussions of the BIH Presidency with the President of Croatia Josipović on topics that were of particular interest for both countries.

He spoke of the importance of resolving open issues of the border of BIH with Croatia that is now an EU border. He pointed out that during the visit there was expressed interest of representatives of both countries to resolve this issue.

Radmanović rated the willingness of Croatia as very positive when it comes to support of BIH on its path to European integration.

They spoke of the current events on the political scene in BiH and of the possibilities of reaching a compromise on constitutional changes in BiH.

Radmanović met with Sandra Thein, who is on an official visit to BiH this week.

Thein expressed interest for the current political situation in the country and hope that BIH would return to the tempo in making progress in the process of reform needed for European integration, which she had the opportunity to witness as a member of the Luxembourg delegation during her official visit as Prime Minister of Luxembourg to BIH in 2003.

They agreed that there needs to be greater responsibility of BiH political leaders, as well as a commitment to the EU integration process, to accelerate work on reform in BiH, despite the current stalemate in comparison to other countries in the region, announced the BIH Presidency.

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