Chairman of B&H Presidency Spoke with Philip T. Reeker

komšić i rikerChairman of the B&H Presidency Željko Komšić received today in Sarajevo the Deputy Assistant Secretary of State of the US Philip T. Reeker.

Reeker spoke of the strong support of the US to the Euro Atlantic integration of B&H. At the same time, he pointed out and regretted that the reform processes in B&H are not moving along at the desired rate, which would enable the faster progress of B&H.

Chairman Komšić stressed that B&H has not had a more favorable political environment in the region for a long time, and that unfortunately, within B&H there are no reform processes that would lead B&H towards NATO and the EU.

They exchanged their stances on the possibilities to realize the obligations related to the registration of military property, and solving the issue of state property in accordance with the decision of the B&H Constitutional Court.

Komšić and Reeker spoke of the possibilities of meeting the obligations in the Sejdić – Finci case, as a fundamental prerequisite of the human rights of individuals as citizens of B&H.

He said that that they have to get out of this political situation as soon as possible, which is leading B&H towards isolation and is lagging behind in relation to other countries, announced the B&H Presidency.

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