Chairman of CoM revealed how many Pages of the EU Questionnaire was translated

December 5, 2017 12:30 PM

“You are dealing with nationalistic topics instead of reforms,” said the Commissioner for the EU Enlargement Johannes Hahn to politicians in BiH. During his visit to Sarajevo he met with the leaders of political parties, members of the Presidency of BiH, representatives of the Council of Ministers etc.

Hahn warned leaders that the European Commission, as well as all EU members, are concerned about the failure to implement the reforms. He added that the EU is more dedicated to provide the support to BiH than ever before, but that leaders in power and opposition are dealing with the usual nationalistic topics and stories about crisis rather than reforms.

“They are constantly assuring us that it will be done next week, almost as if it is their favorite word, next week. But I told you that we need a concrete results, there will be no next phase without it,” stated Hahn.

In five days it will be a year since BiH received the Questionnaire of the EC . In the region, Montenegro needed the longest period to answer – a bit longer than four months.

“In case that there are no irrelevant political problems, we will end this by the end of this year, plus or minus 7 or 10 days, because about 85 % is already translated,” stated Denis Zvizdic, the Chairman of the Council of Ministers of BiH.

There are three crucial things that the EU has put in front of BH leaders – the Rural Strategy, the Budget Approval and the Law on Excise Duties.

“Establishment of a coordination mechanism that will define our relations in the long term regarding the EU integration process without a clear coordination mechanism will make the access to the EU very difficult,” said Branislav Borenovic, the President of PDP.

(Source: N1)



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