Chairman of CoM: We were Leaders in the Region until 2008, we can be in the EU before 2033

February 8, 2018 10:15 AM

Chairman of the Council of Ministers of BiH Denis Zvizdic noted that the process of meeting the conditions regarding the path of BiH to the EU should not be a daily political issue, and stated that answers to the Questionnaire of EC, which contain 16,000 pages and 1,100 laws, will be finally submitted by the end of this month.

Zvizdic stated that BiH was leader in the region in the year of 2008, but then everything stopped, which is the reason why Montenegro, Serbia and Albania received candidate status before BiH and he urged everyone to return to reforms in order to speed up the dynamics of EU integrations.

“The future of BiH in Europe is guaranteed. BiH is strategically very well positioned and we received a message that, in compliance with our engagement and if we put reforms and social and economic issues in the first place and move away from the unproductive pre-election campaign, we can expect fast progress and opening of some chapters and closing of some others,” stated Zvizdic.

When it comes to the work of the Council of Ministers of BiH, around 70 % of goals from the Reform Agenda have already been completed.

The final procedure of the Questionnaire is the verification of quality of the translation on the English language after the adoption in the competent bodies, and it will deffinitely be ready for handing over to the President of the European Commission, Jean-Claude Juncker, during his visit to our country.

He also noted his expectation that BH political climate will be such that those who will be in the position after the elections will enable a successful continuation of the implementation of EU integrations process, because BiH will be member of the EU for sure and the new generation will have the opportunity to live in a modern, and much more prospective future.



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