“Centrotrans Eurolines” Introduced to Urban Transport 14 Buses with Air Conditioned

centrotrans autobusi noviWith the rise of temperatures, people in Sarajevo use everyday the urban transport, especially at longer distances, and they were relieved since they started traveling with air-conditioned buses.

Recently, there are introduced new vehicles with air conditioning, on routes that buses of Centrotrans Eurolines” run.

‘’On 12 lines there are 14 new vehicles, specially designed for urban transport with air conditioners’’, said agency’s  spokesperson ‘Centrotrans Eurolines’, Aida Smajić for Fena.

Currently, for the longest urban lines from Vijećnica to Dobrinja, there are included six vehicles with air conditioners and other air-conditioned buses on the routes to Vogošćca, Donja Vogošća, Sokolović Kolonija and Vuković.

Passengers due to much more comfortable and enjoyable drive and cooling system, many times they expressed their gratitude that finally in the city, they can normally travel especially at high temperatures, said from the company Centrotrans Eurolines.”

(Source: Fena)

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