Centrotrans Eurolines: Up to 30 % Discount on Tickets for International Routes from January

centrotransManagement of Centrotrans Eurolines has decided to make their loyal passengers happy in the new 2017. Thus, passengers on international routes will be able to travel at much lower prices from January, such as bus lines in Germany which are reduced up to 30%.

According to the new price list, bus ticket to Munich will be 49 EUR (instead of 68 EUR), the ticket to Berlin 79 EUR (instead of 88 EUR), Dortmund 99 EUR (instead of 133 EUR) and for Frankfurt 89 EUR which is 21 EUR lower than the previous prices.

This business decision was made with the aim to provide more favorable transportation to passengers, besides new buses and a range of additional services, such as free Wi-Fi service.

(Source: novovrijeme.ba)

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