The Central Manifestation of the 507th Days of Ajvatovica gathered Thousands of Faithful

ajvatovica1The central ceremony of the cultural-religious manifestation “the 507th Days of Ajvatovica” was finished yesterday after the noon prayer and reciting the prayer at the plateau of Ajvatovica.

After the traditional call on flags in front of Handanaga’s Mosque in Prusac, about 250 horsemen departed towards the largest Muslim pilgrimage site in Europe. A day earlier, they departed from Karaula and other BH cities towards Prusac and went through Donji Vakuf, where thousands of citizens welcomed them.

Horsemen, flagmen and thousands of faithful from BiH, Turkey and all over Europe, visited the foothills of Suljaga Mountain, which is 7 kilometers away from the old town of Prusac.

Ajvatovica is the largest Muslim pilgrimage site in Europe and one of the oldest ones in BiH. It represents a huge part of the identity of Bosniaks. It is located at the foot of Suljaga Mountain, around 7 kilometers from the old town of Prusac. Ajvatovica represents an important characteristic of Muslims in BiH because of its indigenous character.

It remains unknown when was held the first Ajvatovica, but it is known that it was named after Ajvaz-dedo, an Islamic scholar and Sufi who came to BiH from the territory of today’s Turkey back in the 15th century. Maintenance of Ajvatovica was forbidden after 1947, but this tradition was restored again in 1990. Jubilee 500th Days of Ajvatovica were held in 2010.

This year’s Days of Ajvatovica have started almost two months ago.

(Source: klix.ba)


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