Central Electoral Commission certified the Applications for Participation in the Local Elections

At the emergency session held on Saturday, the Central Election Commission of Bosnia and Herzegovina certified the applications for 87 political parties to participate in the local elections in 2020 in BiH scheduled for Sunday, November 15, this year for those which meet the statutory requirements, Nezavisne Novine reports.

Among the certified political parties are five that have submitted new names that will be used for election purposes, and one political party that has submitted a final decision on the registration of the party from the court register.

The remaining certified political parties submitted the missing number of valid signatures of voter support in full or in part.

The application for participation in the elections of the political party Napredna Srpska-NS was rejected because it did not eliminate the shortcoming within the set deadline, ie it did not submit a new name of the political party that would be used for election purposes.

After eliminating the shortcomings, today the CEC of BiH certified the applications for participation in the local elections in 2020 for 81 independent candidates as well as four independent candidates belonging to national minorities.

Applications for participation in the elections for 16 independent candidates were rejected because they do not meet the legally prescribed conditions.

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