Central Election Commission: We do not ignore any Reports of possible Abuses


The Central Election Commission (CEC) of Bosnia and Herzegovina decisively denies the allegations in the text published on the portal mojabanjaluka.info on October 27,  entitled “Outrageous vote theft: published lists of voters outside BiH”, announced the CEC of BiH in a press release on Friday.

The statement said that in the mentioned text they point out that “the Central Election Commission of BiH ignored the applications of voters who almost a month ago filed objections to the preliminary list of voters who vote outside BiH!” In other words, the Central Election Commission has decided to falsify the elections and annul the will of the voters. ”

“As an example, they cite the statements of candidates in the upcoming elections, Nikola Stokic and Darko Lazic, who claim that they submitted a report to the BiH Central Election Commission that someone reported them to vote outside BiH, and that the BiH Central Election Commission did not react.

”After the checks in the records of the CEC of BiH, we inform the public that the Central Election Commission of BiH has not received certified statements of these candidates or their applications,” according to this institution.

They remind the public that the Central Election Commission of BiH “immediately after learning about possible abuses in the process of submitting applications for voting outside BiH, reacted immediately and informed the public about it.”

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