Central Election Commission passed Decision on Holding Local Elections in October


At its session on Thursday, the Central Election Commission (CEC) of Bosnia and Herzegovina unanimously passed the Decision on calling and holding the Local Elections 2020, which should be held on Sunday, October 4 this year, according to Vijesti.ba news portal.

The decision to call and hold the Local Elections in 2020 calls for direct elections for 64 municipal councils in the Federation of BiH, 56 municipal assemblies in the Republika Srpska, 120 mayors in BiH, 14 city councils in the Federation of BiH, seven city assemblies in the RS , 22 mayors in BiH and the Brcko District Assembly.

Elections for the election of a councilor in the City Council of Mostar will be called upon obtaining the necessary conditions for calling and holding elections.

The total number of registered voters in the Central Voters Register is 3.374.364, and this number includes voters from the City of Mostar is  100.474.



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