Central Ceremony of Marking the 23rd Anniversary of the RBiH Army in Mostar

150415076.16_mnIn the presence of high military and politic officials, the central ceremony of marking the 23rd anniversary of forming the RBiH Army and the 10th anniversary of forming the Second Infantry Regiment of the Armed forces of BiH, was held yesterday in the quarters “Miralem Jugo“ in Livce near Mostar.

Welcome to attendees and congratulations on the occasion of marking significant anniversaries were addressed by a commander of the Second Infantry Regiment of the AFBiH, brigadier Ferid Mazalovic, who emphasized that he is very delighted because these two significant dates are being marked in a defiant Herzegovina that many courageous fighters who gave a huge contribution to the preservation of the integral BiH.

Member of the Presidency of BiH, Bakir Izetbegovic, said that the Armed forces are one of stable and better parts of the country of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

150415076.15_mn“Our goal is to build armed forces that are capable and prepared to effectively answer to all modern security challenges and threats“, said Izetbegovic.

The Deputy Minister of the Defense of BiH, Emir Suljagic, said that the fact that BiH today has a unique armed forces, that participate in mission under the flag of NATO, that we are at the gates of NATO, talks about how much progress has been done after the war.

In addition to addressing of high officials, appropriate cultural and artistic program was held.

(Source: klix.ba)

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