Central Bank of Bosnia and Herzegovina puts in Circulation additional Quantities of the Coins


As of Monday, April 13, 2020, the Central Bank of Bosnia and Herzegovina (CBBH) will commence issuing of 2 BAM denomination coins, being additionally minted in 2019.

The coins of this denomination, 2019 issue, have been minted in accordance with the regular activities of the CBBH, which aim to provide enough coined money of the appropriate denomination for the purposes of cash turnover in BH.

The basic features and design of the additional 2 BAM coins, 2019 issue, remain the same as the coins of the previous issues of this denomination, with the number “2019” on the reverse of the coin, which is the year of minting of the a.m. denomination.

Minting of new quantities of convertible mark coins has no inflationary effect, as no BAM will be put into circulation without adhering to the Currency Board principle, which means that every issued convertible mark has foreign currency coverage at a fixed rate.

The coins will be put into circulation successively, or per a need, through the CBBH’s Main Units and Branches.

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