Central Bank of BiH blocked 33,469 Accounts in 2018

On November 1, 2018, the Central Bank of Bosnia and Herzegovina (CBBH) published the updated list of the blocked accounts of the legal entities in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

There are two differences on the accounts list in relation to the numbers in the previous list. These differences are the direct effect of the upgrading of the Single Register of legal entities accounts in Bosnia and Herzegovina since the CBBH requested from commercial banks to update the list of blocked accounts.

The first visible difference is in the number of the legal entities that have at least one account blocked, which is now reduced compared to previous reports, and it is the result of the updating by commercial banks.

Another visible difference is the total number of blocked accounts of the legal entities, which is now increased in comparison to previous reports, which is a logical consequence of the upgrading of the Single Register of legal entities accounts in Bosnia and Herzegovina, now containing all accounts of legal entities, and not only transaction accounts as it was the case before.

In October, there were 75,556 accounts of business entities blocked, with 65,616 companies having at least one account blocked, BiH Central Bank’s statistics showed.

Among business entities whose accounts are blocked, there are business enterprises, healthcare organizations, service providers, and various agencies, cooperatives and associations.

Data on blocked accounts report in the BiH Central Bank of BiH Transaction Accounts show that the number of blocked accounts decreased compared to September, when 75,119 accounts of business entities were blocked in BiH, while 64,337 companies had at least one account blocked.

In 2018, there were 33469 blocked accounts, and in 2017, the number was 6816.

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