Center Safet Zajko receives an Artificial Lake with Botanical Garden

Safet ZajkoThe Municipality of Novi Grad this year continues to organize the Center for education, sports and recreation, “Safet Zajko” in the settlement Halilovici.

The center was opened in September 2015 and he delighted everyone with its surroundings and contents, and they are working every day on enriching its content available for all ages.

They are working on the construction of sports and recreational facilities such as tennis courts, table tennis courts, the construction of alpine training park and they are also planning placement of advertising contents and information boards.

Considering that the center is located in a natural environment, it is also planned to build a certain water facilities that will fit into the existing environment with their looks and function.

“The realization of the planned works, the construction of water facilities, should start next week, and the works will be carried out according to the agreed dynamic plan,” as announced from the Municipality of Novi Grad.

“We took all the necessary measures after signing the contract in order to start with the realization of the construction of the artificial lake, and the first preparatory works will be carried out next week,” as said from Bosman.

Estimated total value of the framework agreement without VAT amounted to 470,085.47 BAM and duration of the framework agreement is from the 10th of August 2016 to the 8th of October 2018.

(Source: akta.ba)

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