Center for Peacebuilding in Sanski Most: Building a Self-Sustaining Bosnian Peace Embassy

December 22, 2014 12:30 PM

peaceLocated in Northwestern Bosnia-Herzegovina, Sanski Most is a town that is recovering from the scars of war and has no organized space for cultural and community development. Our goal is to build and manage a self-sustaining Peace Embassy, a community center and social enterprise with a focus on peacebuilding activities oriented towards nonviolence. The Peace Embassy will emphasize education, while also including tourism and business/community services to support embassy activities.

Sanski Most is a small town in Bosnia and Herzegovina which is still dealing with the legacy of the past. Lack of opportunities for youth, especially employment, and a lack of community space for the locals to meet and develop relationships means progress for a sustainable, peaceful future is slow. The local community is in need of services for trauma healing, interaction, skill-building, and dialogue. Despite the local area having great potential, we lack the resources to provide this.

CIM envisions a place where people can meet, learn, and grow as local and global citizens. To help meet these needs we propose the creation of a Peace Embassy: a residential/community centre to provide services to the local community. Once operational, The Peace Embassy will strive to be a fully self sustaining enterprise. All current CIM activities will continue to be offered free of charge and our planned business ventures (tourism, cafe, hostel) are designed to help cover ongoing expenses.

Potential Long Term Impact

We anticipate the Peace Embassy will become a place of interaction, learning, and skill-building for the residents of Sanski Most. The new building will also come with facilities/opportunities that will help us sustain ourselves without major external funding, and bring in income for our peace programs. It will empower local and international volunteers with skills for employment and make our community grow into a safe, and peaceful town.

Everyone interested in donating can do so by clicking on the following link:






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