Census Materials Sent for Printing

popisAll participants of the census are obligated to strictly adhere to the procedures and rules prescribed in the methodology for the preparation, organization and implementation of the 2013 BIH Census, as well as the instructions for the census takers and municipal/city instructors and the instructions for people who are serving prison sentences.

These materials have already been sent for printing, and among them are the questionnaires for people (P1), questionnaire for housing (P2) and control pattern (P3).

The guidelines for people in military facilities and diplomatic-consular missions in BIH abroad and members of their families, and materials for the post-census survey are being prepared.

The methodology contains all necessary methodical explanations concerning the objective, census units (people, households, flats) and their characteristics.

This document contains the basic principles of organizing and conducting the Census, and elaborated tasks and actions of all participants and the takers of the census with the goal to ensure uniformity in the procedures, synchronization during the preparation and implementing the Census.

The Statistics Agency, in cooperation with entity statistical institutions, prepared other materials for professional and methodical training of state, entity, cantonal and municipal/city instructors and census takers for work on the field.

The Census is based on a hierarchy that every participant has to respect. This means that every participant exactly knows to whom he/she responsible and from whom he/she can ask for additional guidance and clarification, announced the BIH Statistics Agency.

(Source: Dnevni Avaz)

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