Census: Data Entry and Data Processing to Start Soon

popis-stanovnistvaPreparations for the start of data entry and data processing are at the final phase. Specifically, the selection of staff that will work at the Center for data processing is ongoing, operations on equipping the center have finished and IT system for data entry and data processing and control is in the probation phase, announced the adviser for public relation at the B&H Agency for Statistics Mirsada Adembegović for FENA.

Around 5 000 applications have arrived at the Center for data processing, but only 280 people will be employed.

Due to the large number of applications, B&H Agency for Statistics has decided to test all the applicants in one day, so that all the candidates would have the same chance for employment at this center.

The commission for selection of candidates has reviewed all the applications. Preparations for the written test and the selection of candidates is ongoing. The selected candidates will have to pass an adequate training and will begin to work in accordance with the data entering plan. Some of the selected candidates will start with the work by the end of December, when the first phase of the data entry and data processing will start.

(Source: Fena)

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