Cengic: Declare Internet Platforms and Social Networks a Public Space

Member of Parliament and Member of the Security Committee of the Federation of BiH Parliament Irfan Cengic and Minister of the Interior Admir Katica held a meeting on the initiative to declare social networks and other internet platforms a “public place” in terms of laws dealing with violations of public order and peace with an aim to reduce internet violence (cyberbulying), spreading hatred, threats and insults on social networks.

Cengic forwarded the parliamentary initiative to all cantonal governments. He points out that it is important to note that such changes would not impede freedom of speech and the right to express one’s views and do not concern the regulation of defamation, nor do they refer to acts described by criminal laws but would exclusively treat violations against public order already defined.

“Such laws would not be in conflict with EU legislation, but would be in line with policies to protect against violence and stop hate speech, because women, young people and marginalized groups in society are particularly affected by this type of violence. In Croatia, which is a member of the EU, social networks are also treated as a public place in the implementation of the law on public order and peace.

In another BiH entity, six years ago, changes were adopted that expanded the concept of public place to the Internet, while in FBiH the cantonal assemblies are responsible for that, ” Cengic said.

Minister Katica emphasized that this initiative will be considered and included in the new text of the law that he plans to propose to the Assembly of CS. It is crucial that as many cantons as possible implement initiatives that would enable equal access and joint work, Klix.ba writes.

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