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Cedomir uses his Knowledge in Modern Technologies to improve Production

Stories of young people returning to the countryside are becoming more common. Among those who decided to start working in agriculture is Master of Information Technology (IT), Cedomir Radovanovic from Semberija.

After finishing his studies, with a job in his profession, he returned to his native village and decided to plant a modern orchard on the family property. He used his knowledge in the field of modern technologies to improve production, but also to find customers.

When he planted strawberry orchards eight years ago, and then cherries as well on his family property in Velika Obarska, Master of IT, Cedomir Radovanovic had no idea that it would become his main source of income, and his job in the profession only his additional income.

”Before, that land that was in the family inheritance was unused, so we thought a little about what we could do on it without meeting special requirements, because we started from scratch, only with that land. That is when we started with planting strawberries, and later on, we reoriented ourselves to cherries as well, ” Cedomir Radovanovic, the master of IT said.

When he started production, his goal was to use his knowledge and modern technologies to improve the process. He often consults with experts, and the process is maximally automated.

”We imported the seedlings from the European Union (EU), so we can say that this is a slightly more modern way of growing cherries compared to the examples that have been in exploitation for years. When it comes to fruit growing, I try every year to develop and expand that business. That is why informatics is still the business I deal with. In my opinion, you cannot do only one profession, this is a business that is developing, ” Cedomir said.

While they plan to export cherries and look for customers through the Internet, strawberries end up on the tables of Semberija, because Radovanovic’s strawberries have active buyers. Since there is always something that needs to be done in the village and in the orchard, the whole family is involved.

”This is just a small family business, and if we weren’t all involved we wouldn’t be able to function or work, so we take over our part of the work after the agreement at home, ” said Cedomir.

”Agriculture and the village represent freedom for Radovanovic. That freedom was paid by hard work, which certainly pays off in the end, ” says Cedomir at the end, BHRT writes.


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