Cedomir Jovanovic: Mostar is Symbol of Senselessness of War and Indestructible Hope

March 18, 2017 11:45 AM

cedomirPresident of the Liberal Democratic Party (LDP) Cedomir Jovanovic yesterday visited the Center for Peace in Mostar, where he met with representatives of this center.

“I think there are only few nations as our nations that know how magnificent the peace is, and there are only few nations as our nations who have learned this lesson through their own mistakes. We appreciate the peace because we have previously destroyed it with our own mistakes,” said Jovanovic.

For the President of the LDP, as for many others, the city of Mostar is a symbol of suffering and senselessness of the war, but it also represents a symbol of an indestructible hope and virtue because of which we are celebrating peace.

“I’m glad to be in Mostar as a guest of the Center for Peace, which gathered everything that is valuable in the world. Regardless of our differences, no matter whether we are talking about Mandela or Havel, I think we all have the same motives. On the one hand, we are driven by great respect and appreciation for the people of Mostar and the city that symbolizes the peace that we are celebrating in a majestic and tragic way, that insanity and chaos of suffering after which it is famous,” said Jovanovic.

(Source: faktor.ba)


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