CEC Teams started to count Ballot Papers from abroad

October 18, 2018 3:00 PM

President of Bosnia and Herzegovina’s (BiH) Central Election Commission (CEC) Branko Petric stated that teams started counting ballot papers from countries where Bosnian Diaspora lives. Namely, 64,000 ballot boxes arrived at the Sarajevo Counting Center on Thursday morning.

Petric stressed that a detailed verification of the received ballot papers from abroad had preceded the counting.

“Sixteen teams are currently counting and we expect this job to be completed in a few days,” Petric added.

According to him, CEC performs all activities in accordance with legal deadlines and its action plan.

“Up to this moment, complete material from all 5,500 places have been delivered to the CEC’s main warehouse and the results of those polling stations are verified in the Major Counting Center,” Petric said.

Petric expects CEC to publish the results of this year’s general elections.


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