Carl Bildt: Bosnia belongs to Bosnians

The role of the High Representative in Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH) should be reduced, and his role should be transferred to the European Union (EU) Special Representative, the first High Representative in BiH, Carl Bildt, told for BHRT.

Carl Bildt was the first High Representative in BiH in the period from 1995 to 1997. He did not have the opportunity to use the Bonn powers that were introduced in 1997, but he used to often criticize the domestic authorities.

While being a guest on the BHT Live show, he said that BiH should move on at some point, and show that it is a stable and independent country.

“It is time to stop taking the advantage of the Bonn powers. This is no longer a protectorate of the international community and we should move forward, ” Bildt said of the current High Representative, Valentin Inzko.

However, the decision to revoke the Office of the High Representative (OHR) and the High Representative of the International Community should be made by the Peace Implementation Council (PIC), he pointed out.

Carl Bildt is a diplomat, former Prime Minister of Sweden, and special negotiator of the EU in the negotiations on ending the war in BiH.

He says that there was no enough progress when it comes to things that happened in the last 24 years, the period after his role in BiH.

“There has been a lot of progress, less than I wanted, but there is progress. There are a lot of things we did in the beginning. The Central Bank, currency, judiciary, which for now is not exactly at the level we wanted. Also, the highway was supposed to be finished a long time ago, but it wasn’t.”

The 14 priorities that are set are still the most important step when it comes to our country’s path towards the EU.

“They must be the guiding principle for BiH and EU accession. We also want to see the improvement of BiH in that field. A lot has happened, the elections and Covid, but it should be said that there is only a little progress. This is the key to moving this country forward. ”

Bildt also recalled Dayton and the Constitution of BiH. He said that Dayton is the basis for peace and the Constitution, but that is not the top.

“It is up to the leaders to initiate changes. Institutions must adapt. The Dayton Agreement has not been fully used. Not all possibilities have been seized.”

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