Cardinal Puljic visited Reisu-l-ulema of the IC BiH

October 31, 2017 11:00 AM

The Archbishop of Vrhbosna Cardinal Vinko Puljic visited Reis-ul-ulema of the Islamic Community of BiH, Husein ef. Kavazovic.

They discussed the current events as well as the inter-religious cooperation between the Islamic Community and the Catholic Church in BiH, as announced from the Office of Reis-ul-ulema Kavazovic.

The Islamic Community and the Catholic Church in BiH have very stable and good co-operation. They are calling for peace and coexistence in our country. Recently, religious leaders of all three constituent peoples in BiH, as well as Jewish representatives, all together visited some of the largest civilian execution sites, where innocent people were killed during the war in BiH.

(Source: NV)


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