Capacity Building and Training for the Armed Forces of BiH held

From Concept to Conclusion – Capacity Building and Training for the Armed Forces Bosnia and Herzegovina (AFBiH) achieves its aims.

During the Assessment Conference on 5th December, held in Army House, Sarajevo, it was agreed that the Armed Forces of Bosnia and Herzegovina (AFBiH) have now achieved the standards for individual training outlined in the 2010 EUFOR Capacity Building and Training (CB&T) concept.

EUFOR set up the Capacity Building and Training Division (CB&TD) in 2010 in order deliver the CB&T concept of a self-sustainable training system for AFBiH. Between 2010 and 2018, training for AFBiH has been delivered by EUFOR staff or from specialized training teams from Troop Contributing Nations (TCN).

In an annual process, which includes the Assessment Conference, the required training needs from AF BiH were planned and implemented in a Joint Integrated CB&T Plan.

In 3 phases (Training, Mentoring and Monitoring) more than 5000 soldiers of AF BiH have been trained in different elements of military effects, primarily on Peace Support Operations.

CB&TD managed and observed these training modules in order to measure the effectiveness of the defined goals.

AFBiH has now achieved the high standards of knowledge and experience to organize training needs by itself, or on a bilateral level with EUFOR or NATO.

Combined training between EUFOR and AFBiH Brigades will continue as well as participation of AFBiH units in operational exercises.

The final element of this programme will be the phasing out of the CB&TD, representatives from EUFOR and AFBiH agreed at the Assessment Conference that the CB&TD programme has been a complete success.


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