Cantonal Prime Minister Mustafa Ruznic welcomed members of neo-Nazi and Islamophobic AfD Party

The Prime Minister of the Una-Sana Canton (USC), Mustafa Ruznic, hosted the deputies of the Berlin City Assembly, Andreas Wild and Gunnar Lindemann, on Tuesday.

There would be nothing controversial in this visit if Wild and Lindemann were not members of the extreme right-wing Alternative for Germany (AfD) party, which is known for its Islamophobic and anti-immigrant views, among other things. Their members are often accused of attacking the media, dissidents, and questioning the universalist principles of liberal democracy.

Germany’s intelligence agency has decided to bring the right-wing AfD party under control as a potential threat to the country’s democracy.

Ruznic was asked if he knew who was coming to visit him and if he was familiar with the political program of the party with whose prominent members he took photos and talked for more than two hours.

”They introduced themselves officially as MPs, ” that was all that the USC Prime Minister responded to this inquiry.

Information on the visit to Bihac was also published by MPs from Berlin on their social networks.

“Bihac is on the edge of illegal migrants. The next wave for asylum in Germany is already on the EU border. Meanwhile, Merkel and Berlin are asleep,” Lindemann posted on Twitter.

Lindemann used Facebook to describe in more detail how the USC Prime Minister Mustafa Ruznic explained the migrant situation in this canton, and that in three years more than 100.000 migrants used this route to enter the European Union (EU), especially Germany.

“It took more than two hours for the Prime Minister to inform us in detail at first hand,” he noted.

According to German media reports, Wild and Lindemann have long been known as extreme right-wingers, and Lindemann even stayed in Luhansk, Ukraine, where he brought his son and took photos with “The Night Wolves”.

What is worrying is the fact that the Prime Minister of the Canton is welcoming such a delegation, without any prior verification of who it is. Clearly, Ruznic, in his obvious ignorance, helped the right-wing forces in Germany to popularize their views on migrants in that country and the EU.

It is important to mention that USC is the most affected canton in BiH when it comes to the migrant crisis, and, certainly, that AfD members will not help reduce that pressure because as much as migrants want to go to EU countries, right-wingers who oppose their arrival will do everything they can to prevent them from entering, Klix.ba writes.

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