Cantonal Court extended Custody to Fikret Abdic

The Cantonal Court in Bihac has extended the custody of the suspect Fikret Abdic, the mayor of Velika Kladusa, for another two months, who was arrested by the Federal Ministry of Interior members a month ago in the building of this municipality.

This information was confirmed for “Avaz” by the Una Sana Canton Prosecutor’s Office, Vijesti.ba news portal reports.

His associate, Sulejman Silic, willl have bans on leaving his residence, a ban on undertaking certain business activities or official duties, a ban on visiting certain places or areas, and a ban on meeting with certain persons.

Abdic is charged with corrupt activities in the process of public procurement, but also employment. According to unofficial information from “Avaz”, Abdić is charged with damaging the budget of the municipality of Velika Kladusa by more than 600,000 BAM.

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