Canton Sarajevo: Less Concentration of Pollen in the Air in 2013

polenAccording to the report of seasonal and spatial variations of pollen allergens in Canton Sarajevo in 2013, the concentration of pollen in the air was less than last year. The report said that the rise in weather conditions and irregular shift in the seasons influence the process of pollination of plants.

A sudden drop in temperatures in late August and the beginning of September and frequent rainfall had a negative impact on the dynamics of the movement of pollen ragweed and extremely harmful weeds, whose concentration in the air was also less.

The monitoring of pollen in the air and the reporting of recorded concentrations during this pollen season was provided by the Canton Sarajevo Ministry of Physical Planning and Environment Protection in cooperation with the Center for Ecology and Natural Resources of the Sarajevo Natural Sciences Faculty.

After summarizing the results and analysis at the end of this pollen season, the need to develop a ‘pollen calendar’ was particularly emphasized for the purpose of predicting the season of pollination, which could potentially allow patients to begin timely and preventative treatment.

(Source: Fena)

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